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When you want to look and feel your best and present your image as clean, healthy and let the world know that you take pride in your appearance...


It all starts with that feel of silky smooth as you trace your fingertips along your skin! 


At VANITY BEAUTY BAR we take the headache out of hair removal and use only the best natural, hypo-allergenic, skin soothing products that is proven to be the safest with the most sensitive of skin types. 


We bring you a blissful waxing experience that will leave you with smooth, clean skin that you can enjoy for longer and feel comfortable and confident knowing that your arms or legs are velvety soft for the next two to six weeks, depending on the body area. 


With our experienced therapists with intimate waxing qualifications and years of experience, we will ensure your journey to glowing, clean and hair free skin is as comfortable and relaxed as possible.




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